If you wish to donate to The "Exciting" West End Baptist Church or make payments, here are the following instructions:


Instructions for Givelify-- Initial User Setup

  1. Download the Givelify Mobile Giving App from your Google Play Store (Android users) or App Store (Apple users) and load app after download is complete

  2. Search West End Baptist Church by utilizing the search icon on the far right side of screen

  3. Tap "Give to" and Give

  4. Select an amount to donate

  5. Specify the Type of Donation

  6. Add additional memos or notes (optional)

  7. Follow Prompts to Sign Up for a new account-- either through Facebook or Email

  8. Add Banking and Billing Information

  9. Send Payment


Instructions for Givelify-- Post Initial User Setup

  1. Open Givelify Mobile Giving App

  2. Search West End Baptist Church or search nearby churches if you are near the Church

  3. Tap "Give To" and Give

  4. Select an amount  and specify the donation

  5. Add an additional memos or notes (optional)

  6. Sign In using either Facebook or Email

  7. Give Payment



Thank you for your contribution.

Givelify Tutorial

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