Upcoming Events

​Join us for our upcoming events

  • July 18th, Thursday                                                Food Bank / Shepherds Ministry

  • July 20th, Saturday                                                 Under The Bridge Ministry

  • July 29th, Monday                                                   State Congress Austin

  • July 30th, Tuesday                                                   State Congress Austin / Deacons Meeting

  • July 31st, Wednesday                                              State Congress Austin

  • August 10th, Saturday                                            Back2School Backpack Drive                                                                                   3rd Quarter  Outreach

  • August 16th, Friday                                                 Denim & Boots Night, honoring Dr. Jolla

  • August 17th, Saturday                                             Diamond & Pearls Brunch,                                                                                       honoring the Ladies of the House of Jolla   

  • August 18th, Sunday                                                Day of Worship, EWEBC Worship Center

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